Automatic Door Activation Push Buttons, Sensors, Bollards & Timers


handicap door push button switches

Handicap Door Push Buttons

Push button activation switches for all types of automatic handicap door openers. All our push button switches ship same day or next day.

CPTX transmitters - wireless activation

Wireless Door Activation

Wireless push button transmitters for all our activation switches, including sequencing, dual and bollard post transmitters and receivers.

CTP wireless activation packages

Wireless Activation Kits

Wireless push button packages include: 2 push button switches, 2 transmitters with mounting box and 1 receiver. Vestibule packages also available.

Automatic door sensors

Activation & Safety Sensors

Microwave and infrared presence and motion sensors for activating and for safety, used on all types of sliding and swinging automatic doors.

Bollard Posts

Push Button Bollard Posts

5 inch or 2 inch square tubular steel posts with optional finishes. Comes with or without switch, dual switch (CA compliant) or as a blank

Timer / Relay Modules - etc.

Timers, relays, secondary activation and Privacy Timing Module (PTM) for single stall restroom privacy when equiped with an automatic door opener.

Safety Beams

HP2 Safety Beams

AccuGuard HP2 infrared safety beam system includes a control module, 2 transmitter beams, 2 receiver beams. Surface or flush mount.

CTP wireless activation packages

Door Controls Accessories

Products include switch mounting boxes, replacement switch faceplates, weather proof kits, micro switches, door decals and accessories.